Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Welcoming Remarks: Aspen IDEA plenary meeting, Washington, D.C.

Aspen IDEA Chairman Reed Hundt kicks off the fourth and final plenary session today:

The goal of the forum was to dedicate two years to a multistakeholder process intended to design a strong governance system that would ensure a single global Internet, a single global digital economy. Specifically, we wanted to help the Internet wrap around the world a common medium through which economic and human rights would be securely, fairly, openly, freely exercised.  Then we went to foundations to obtain the funding for multiple plenaries, which eventually were held in Washington, Los Angeles, Brussels, and now back here for the concluding meeting. These plenaries were snowballs that kept growing, as we added numerous European firms and NGOs from other continents to our forum.

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(Source: aspeninstitute.org)